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OKAY, i really want to be ‘back’.  so, tell me, how do i get back on the tumblr map again?  not that i was really on it to begin with, but give me your sagely tumblr advice.  

This scene is pretty fucking amazing.  For many, many reasons.  Maybe not for the reasons you think.  It makes me want to write an essay!  Can’t be bothered though.  So.

Here We Go Magic - Over the Ocean.


A video that i made, for a song that someone else made, was on a show that someone else made…plus all of the someone else’s in between. But still, I feel pretty excited that, even though I’m at the lowly bottom of the creative chain here, I made a video for an amazing song that aired last night on an episode of HBO’s GIRLS!!!!! Pretty excited! I am officially a tiny, tiny part of our generations zeitgeist!  Feeling pretty honoured.

SO, here is the official video I made for Ride With The Tide.

Click through to the Youtube link for more info.

Missing summer.  Missing this time.  Missing.  COME BACK.

(it keeps freezing in the same place and it’s silly looking.  it’s tumblr, not me, with the freeze frames).



Fox News reporter gets caught on live TV saying he’ll fuck a missing girl

right in the pussy

oh, fox news, you never cease to…whatever it is you do.

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Julie Doiron - The Longest Winter.

An oldie, but a nostalgic goodie.  For me, at the moment.  

And YOU are supposed to be here.  So, this song.


Malcolm Liepke


Malcolm Liepke


Steamboat Bill Jr. (1928)


Just sitting in the attic as my mom showered downstairs.  She’s not one to sing and suddenly I hear singing.  I welled up a little.  Then I realised she was singing a Christmas song.  ’just hear those sleigh bells ringing….yadda yadda’.  The welling of happy tears stopped and I laughed a LOT because, in congruence with her lack of singing, she despises Christmas (she’s a wounded hippy).  She has now told me that the wounds have healed and that she actually loves Christmas (I knew all along), so this is pretty big.  But, no matter the tune, I heard my mom singing in the shower (I live alone and had never heard this before).  I think it might have been one of the best things ever, despite the song of choice.  I will think of it before I die.  So.  P.s she is the greatest and most complex, multifaceted, giving and extraordinary woman I have ever known.  Her voice in the shower was, for me, a testament to this fact.  I am glad on this day.

what did tumblr just do?  it just doubled a lot of my posts.  OH TUMBLR.  but seriously, what just happened?

okay, i’m back bitches! here again to answer your deepest questions about life and need for general advice (keeping in mind, i’m a super professional, highly trained…so and so). SO, you keep sending in the questions and i’ll get to the pile i have waiting for me. DO IT. be a part of something, a…

tidbits of tidbits of even more tidbits of love letters (videos, because we get to live in that kind of time.  no horses and waiting months for delivery) from a huge vault of ‘love letters’.  beginnings and endings.  and life.  ah, life.  FUCK.

it’s long and you most likely won’t watch it.  but click through to the link if you don’t want the lovely tumblr, full screen freeze.  okay.  thanks.

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not mine.

not mine.